NEMESIS:  A formidable and victorious rival or opponent.    •    Isn’t it time you became a Nemesis?  •  Small Shop, Big Performance!    •    Quality second to none!    •    Reasonable Prices for an Expensive Sport.    •    We have joined forces with Motosport to bring you all your riding needs!    •   Pour-in, bolt-on and internal performance modifications    •   Notice: Change your oil and clean your air filter regularly.    •  Product Alert: New item for you do-it-your-selfers; KRAMM-Loxs, easy installation piston circlips, link below    •  VPR fuel available $12.50 per gallon •  New Product: Rekluse Auto-Clutches; CALL FOR BEST PRICE.
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Welcome to Nemesis Performance

I grew up riding and racing in the mecca of motocross, Southern California, in the 70’s.  I joined the US Air Force in 1980 and after a 25 year career returned to my passion and started the business.  I have a fully equipped residential shop to give me the flexibility to travel to racing events around the country.  I spent over eight years on research and development (R&D); buying and trying products, modifying my own race bikes to verify or discount manufactures claims. During that time, I have been building and servicing customer’s machines with proven top quality parts producing fast, reliable and great handling bikes that are always in the front of the pack.  

All of the performance upgrade machining is contracted through top engine builders in California, Colorado and Utah using computer controlled precision equipment for the finest quality available. All heads are vacuum tested to ensure a factory seal. Cutting valve seats by hand is considered an emergency procedure in todays motorcycle industry and can not match the percision required for high performance engines.  For the top level racer we also have ceramic and performance coatings to squeeze even more power out of your engine.

Most suspension work is accomplished in-house utilizing state-of-the-art equipment from RaceTech and only the highest quality fluids. I cross hatch (polish) the lower fork tubes and shock shafts to ensure proper surface finish.  I use a vacuum pump procedure to service KTM suspensions.  The RaceTech vacuum pump is so powerful it actually draws air out of the fluid to ensure a factory result.  In addition, I sell titanium and aluminum bolts, nuts, axles and various other parts to reduce unsprung weight, rotating mass; and to lower the center of gravity (CG) of your bike to enhance overall handling.

VPR oxygenated leaded fuel (motor octane 101), is formulated for high performance motorcycle engines; it provides lubrication, produces up to 2% more power, easier starting, better throttle response and lower maintenance costs.  No jetting or remapping is required.  Most modern dirt bikes are designed to run on a minimum of 91 octane, however pump gas contains reformate a waste byproduct used in the refining process, and not preferred for high performance motorcycle engines. 
In addition, pump gas contributes to the buildup of carbon on the piston, combustion chamber and exhaust ports that robs your engine of power.  If you want top performance and reliably from your race bike you need to use race fuel. Price: $12.50 per gallon.

To have a true performance machine you need to address handling, usable power output and reliably of your engine.  You know, it does you no good to lead a race for 99 of 100 miles or 4 of 5 laps just to sit on the side of the course and watch the new leader go by.   I can help you select the level of performance that you can afford, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Little shop, big performance!

Sacrifice, Train and Achieve,

Darren #721



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